A Little refashion

My white T

So i have this white t shirt, I must say I love it, shop bought a while ago.  When I unpacked it for summer this year, noticed it had a couple of small holes in it…… What to do?   Rummage through my scraps and refashion a little bit. Found some Chambray, grabbed my heart stencil and appliqued a little love.  A good wash and iron and its back on my body as usual.


A Bit on the side.

I do so love sewing when it comes to the end of the school year in July, Teachers gifts are so easy to choose and sew up!

Last year Larissa’s Year 3 teacher loved penguins, this was easy for me, finding inspiration on Pinterest,  I choose to make a pillow with a loving theme.Mobile phone pics 102

I made the pillow in a cream Linen and appliqued with felt, this was a gorgeous pillow and I was so proud of it!

This year, Larissa’s 2 teachers wanted “Monkeys”, at first I freaked out a bit, where was I gonna find a monkey let alone inspiration? Yet again pinterest saved the day. I found a colouring page and decided on an appliqued pillow, I also found adorable monkeys with pockets from “abeautifulmess.com”. I loved working on these gifts and needless to say I was a big hit! Being told that whom ever is Larissa’s teachers always look forward to her gifts, what a wonderful compliment. I am one Happy Mommy. 20160720_152018IMG_20160722_08514320160720_152027

Thanks again my lovely Peeps for joining me in my sewing adventures.





Ahh once again it was World Book Day, since Larissa’s school became an Academy, 2 years ago, they have not dressed up for world book day so this year they where given a theme, Mr or Miss Men, this did not go down well with the parents so they decided to change it to , “your favorite character out of a book or movie”.

Larissa loves “How to train your dragon”, so we decided to make her an Astrid outfit, I ordered some cream fur, linning to mach and some brown leatherette from “Fabricland”

I drew up my own cape pattern and assembled the leatherette skirt with some studs, wobbly woo one fierce Astrid! Larissa enjoyed her day at school. I accomplished the whole outfit in a afternoon.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my sewing adventures, till next time peeps.


I Want a dress!

My teenage daughter, Natasha, loves dresses and I dont make enough of them for  her.  i found this lovely pattern from SEW SIMPLE, Nancy tunic dress and top. Natasha loves the peter pan collar.


It was an easy sew, instructions were good , some darts and then the peter pan collar which I dont really fancy, I think its to big and takes away that femine touch, I would reconstruct it for the next dress. Fabric choice was a knit I bought at my local fabric store “Joan Weir”. I would have loved to take it in at the waist for Natasha but she wanted it loose and comfortable, lesson learnt , dont ask just do what i think is best! I also made the sleeves longer. Al in all, a good sew!



Thank you all my lovely peeps for reading and showing an interest



A Little Refashion….

Last year October, for church I had to come up with a Super Hero outfit for my youngest daughter Larissa.

Larissa is a funny creature and loves anything out of the norm, no Wonder women or cat lady ? Nooo she wanted X-Men, “Emma Frost”


So white it is, I had a beautiful dress my teenager wore several years ago, but the elastics had stretched out from old age. All I had to do, was replace them and alter it down to size at the bodice. Easy peasy, one lovely outfit all done!

Mobile phone pics 707Mobile phone pics 708Mobile phone pics 709


Little lovely’s

A while ago I made a stack of these little owls. the small owls had a pocket for anything small to go in like sweets or what I do at home, some small quotes for the day, as one walks out the front door, you read a quote, my kids loved this idea.

The bigger owls are just pillows for a lonely corner in any home!



Here is my second Evening Primrose dress, I love these fabrics together, Michael Miller, navy blue “Kuniko” and “Bitty dots”.

I made this outfit a bit different to the first pattern tested one, I added a invisible zipper at the back, only reason is Larissa can get into it herself , she struggles with buttons! I also did not add the ribbon detail down at the hem, gives the dress more a daytime appeal,  I also lengthened the sleeves

Larissa could not wait to take pictures of her in the dress thank goodness Wigan is having a clear spell with some sunshine today.

We got so many compliments at church it was unbelievable but then I new it would! Terra has truly created an absolute vintage and stylish dress for any girl to feel like a princess in. I am honored to have had this opportunity to Pattern test this dress.

Just remember that the pattern you can find here at http://terrastreasuresdesigns.com  and is on sale!!!

Thanks for reading, see you soon sewing Peeps.