A Bit on the side.

I do so love sewing when it comes to the end of the school year in July, Teachers gifts are so easy to choose and sew up!

Last year Larissa’s Year 3 teacher loved penguins, this was easy for me, finding inspiration on Pinterest,  I choose to make a pillow with a loving theme.Mobile phone pics 102

I made the pillow in a cream Linen and appliqued with felt, this was a gorgeous pillow and I was so proud of it!

This year, Larissa’s 2 teachers wanted “Monkeys”, at first I freaked out a bit, where was I gonna find a monkey let alone inspiration? Yet again pinterest saved the day. I found a colouring page and decided on an appliqued pillow, I also found adorable monkeys with pockets from “abeautifulmess.com”. I loved working on these gifts and needless to say I was a big hit! Being told that whom ever is Larissa’s teachers always look forward to her gifts, what a wonderful compliment. I am one Happy Mommy. 20160720_152018IMG_20160722_08514320160720_152027

Thanks again my lovely Peeps for joining me in my sewing adventures.




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