Once in a while, I find a pattern that just fits the family ( the girls).

I procrastinated over the Groove dress pattern, bought it and was never happier. When making something for Larissa I have to be careful not to buy all these cute kiddies patterns floating around, unless I want to pattern hack, reconstruct ect…

The groove dress comes in children, teen and for the ladies so BAM girl I just buy for teens and ladies, but the teens was to small at the bust and waist measurements, so size 12/14 for ladies it was, very easy to grade between two sizes and chop off the appropriate length for her,

First Groove dress was a high low version with round neck and short sleeves, fabric is a light sweatshirting from Higgs and Higgs.

davdavhorse riding 046

The second Groove dress I made was the straight hem (Swing version)with scoop neck and short sleeves. Fabric was picked out by Larissa from Minerva Crafts.


I have one happy 10 year old, I have my sewing groove back, so thank you…….


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